Expressing Your Art Through the Movement of Parkour

When I was studying at art school we had a week stretch called the freedom of expression week.  Every single day we would talk about a new form of art that many people would consider unconventional.  But to me, this was my very favorite week.  My favorite section was all about the art of movement!

We first started learning about Parkour in this freedom of expression week, and I was truly amazed at the pure artistic expression of the sport.  Parkour was invented in the 1900’s by a few different big influencers.  The point of parkour originally was to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  This can include doing vaults over railings or it can involve climbing up walls.

I believe the amazing part of parkour, the truly artist part comes out when you are faced with different choices.  You are given the options of doing all these different movements, and you have the choice to pick which path you want to take.

I think this plays a lot into someones own parkour style, and how they choose to express themselves.

Some awesome parkour athletes!

I think a great example of this was when I was practicing parkour with some of my friends.  We each have our own style and that’s when the athlete can really chose to express themselves.  I think it says a lot about the parkour athlete and their style when you look at their obstacles, and how they go about it.  For example, if you see someone that call’s themselves a free runner or a parkourist then they will be constantly faced with choices.  If they have an option to go over a wall or to vault over a table, i think it displays their artist preference by the choices they make.  In the end I believe that parkour is extremely artistic with their flow and how they choose to navigate their terrain!

Using Interior Lighting as a Form of Art

To anyone that has ever decorated a home, you can relate that there is quite a bit of thought that needs to be put into it.  When I was first getting ready to purchase my first home, I kinda assumed that what type of style of home I wanted would just pop into my house, and the whole setup and decorating process would be extremely easy.  But little did I know that there is actually a great amount of work involved.  From figuring out what lightingtype of style you want your house to be, to figuring out where everything will go, to figuring out what type of furniture you want.  It is a huge process, and I really didn’t expect it when I first started thinking.  Looking back at it, I don’t know how daft I could be, but I was young, and I knew nothing about style or interior design in general.  Thankfully I have learned quite a lot from a few friends who were involved with ASID!

I sat some of my friends down and we began planning out all what I needed to figure out, to be able to successfully furnish my home.  I learned quite a bit, including that I wanted a modern style, and I needed to figure out my lighting structure.  When I first began talking about this new home, I didn’t even consider lighting because I didn’t think it mattered much.  But boy was I wrong.  Thankfully my friend is the owner of Allen Roth Hub and he convinced me just how important lighting is.  It’s the single biggest factor in a home.  Lighting is the first thing that people notice, when they walk into your home.  That being said, you need something that will look great, while having a good amount of functionality.  I was able to find some chandeliers and outdoor lighting that really lit up my house in a great light, and it really changed the mood of my home!   I am so glad that I found out the importance of lighting, or my house wouldn’t be the same!

An Introduction To Art!

Visual art has been prominent since ages. Before the time humans learnt to read and write, they began to draw. And so the world of art led to the creation of interesting stories, legends and statistics. Here are some of them.

Vincent Van Gough was a renowned impressionist painter. However trends show that during his lifetime he managed to sell only one of his paintings. His worth was recognized only after his death, and got him many accolades when he was not around to enjoy them.

Art is often treasured for its appreciation value over the years. Skeptics on this would benefit to know that the value of art has surpassed that of the stock markets over the past twenty years. Given the coveted position that art today enjoys, the trend is likely to continue for many years to come.

The price of art is determined by many factors, of which the name of the artist is one. Besides this, the style of art, current trends of buying and quality of artwork are other factors deciding its price. Finally, the greater the demand for the artwork, the higher would be its asking price.

If you thought that only good art was popular, here’s an interesting fact. A Museum for Bad Art (MOBA) does exist and happens to be the world’s only museum to store and preserver samples of bad art. Needless to say, their collection has been growing.

The painting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci has held great value over the years. In 1962 it was valued at $100 million. And one can be sure that this figure has only grown with time.

Art is often sold at exorbitant prices, thanks to the appeal it invites from buyers. Some of the most expensive artworks sold include ‘Jackson Pollock’ sold at $140 million and Willem de Cooning’s work, sold at $138 million. Eight Elvises, one of Andy Warhol’s pop art portraits was sold at $100 million.

Though many of the legendary artists were brilliant at artwork, they were not so successful at studies. Picasso was one such student. Van Gogh’s education was also known to be rather sketchy and he discontinued it in the later years.

Another interesting fact on art is that most artists are seen to be left-handed. This includes popular names like da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and even Escher. Scientists say that people with left hand domination have a dominant right-brain usage and that they may be faster at processing multiple stimuli.

If you have been led to believe that it is cheaper to buy artwork directly from the artists, and is more expensive to buy it from galleries, then you can think again. Reputed galleries often get you the same price for artwork as you would get directly from the artist.

And finally, the last fact. Art is usually purchased to enhance home décor. While most couples choose to select the good art pieces together, their tastes usually do not match during the initial selection.

Art is as broad as it is deep. Art was there before civilization and will be around for ages to come. It is omnipresent in various forms, growing, changing and evolving. And it is for us to open our eyes to its wonders.